Candy Crush Saga Level 1158

Hints and tips for level 1158 Candy Crush Saga
First look to see if there is a move that will clear some of the cake bomb, then use the UFO. There is no real advantage to saving it, whenever you use it, it will send out random wrapped candies so whether the board is partly cleared or not makes little difference.
With luck it will clear some of the chocolate for you. 
Don't waste too many moves chasing the chocolate, it can't grow over the conveyor so any special candies on the conveyor will be safe.
Once the cake is cleared you'll be able to see whats left, there is jelly under the chocolate, so it needs to be cleared, but it's best to use combos if possible.
Video below

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Anon lafy said...

Where is everyone? I took the advice above and it worked. After the cake went, it was easy to watch the conveyor for good moves. I used a hammer as I had one candy I couldn't reach, to finish the level.

Good luck to other players!

Bill. said...

Very lucky with ufo cleared all the chocolate then cleared the cake fairly quickly. Had plenty of moves to clear the jelly.

Dirk said...

I suggest using the UFO on the first move. This should clear the cake, and clear much of the board giving more room to work. On mobile and PC, the UFO will always fire into the same places which should result in clearing the cake. As Ms. Cookie said, the board being partially cleared or not won't make much difference.

Anonymous said...

Used the UFO on the first move as suggested and cleared the cake and most of the board. Cleared rest of the board making standard matches but had to use 2 hammers for jellies in the right corner.