Candy Crush Saga Level 1161

Hints and tips for level 1161 Candy Crush Saga
This level is not as easy as it looks.
First collect all the keys which will unlock the ingredients. The ingredients will go to the top of the board then it's just a matter of getting them all down and out of the exits, simple!.
The problem is that they are spread over the whole board so vertical stripes will only remove one at a time and you won't have enough moves to use stripes for them all.
You will need stripe/wrap combos near the bottom of the board, or colour bombs switched with a stripe or wrap.
Colour bombs alone may work, if you get lucky cascades.
If you are struggling a coconut wheel booster will help a lot.
Video below
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Thresa Muglich said...

2 stars 2nd try thanks to the Video and administrator tips...

Anonymous said...

when will this level be available on iphone and android?

Anonymous said...

Available on Android this morning.

Anonymous said...

Fourth try no boosters. Third time used a Coconut Wheel but only got one so didn't really help.
Next time managed to match a stripe with a wrap after I released ingredients. Finished with 11 moves left, three stars.

Anonymous said...

Not getting this on Android or Facebook. I see the tracks for next station but not asking me for tickets to next either and haven't needed tickets for many prior stations. Very odd

Bill. said...

Very enjoyable release the fruit then need a bit of luck with combinations to bring the fruit down.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

No boosters needed but it takes a few tries.

Concentrate on collecting the keys at all costs asap. You'll need to do it with about 10 moves still to go so you can then get the fruit down.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why but I cant get to grips with this one at all. Always left with 2 or 3 fruit, very frustrating.

Suzie O said...

Must have gotten a lucky board because it was a breeze... several wrap/stripe combos showed up and took them all down after they were released. First try no boosters.