Candy Crush Saga Level 1168

Hints and tips for level 1168 Candy Crush Saga
Collect 300 purple candies in 40 moves..
Not as hard as it sounds, once you clear some of the locked bombs to give you space to work you will be able to make loads of special candies and cause cascades which will collect the purple candies for you.
You will need wrapped candies and colour bombs to remove the bombs, there are not enough moves to match them all in time before they count down to zero, but once they are gone collecting the purple candies is good fun.
Wrapped candies are best for starting cascades, especially if switched with a colour bomb.
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Van5 said...

Fun level. Bombs got me on the first try. After that I made as many combos as I could and the bombs were destroyed second time. Colour bomb/stripe and wrap/stripe and wrap/wrap just keeps the explosions coming. If you can get past the bombs, you're home free! 3 stars easy!

anonymous37 said...

The good thing about this level is once the bombs are cleared they're gone for good. Definitely fun after they're cleared and easy to get 3 stars.

Bling59 said...

At last a fun level. Clear bombs and make colour bombs. Explode them with a single colour, but NOT purple. Leave the purples alone to multiply.

Anonymous said...

I don't even want to! Yikes!

Bill. said...

Bombs at the beginning little difficult then combinations.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the info that the bombs are gone once you get rid of them That gave me hope after the first try. And....I then finished it with the second try. Indeed fun! Grace from DU

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

With a bit of luck, it is the work of 2 minutes although it starts off looking daunting.
If you can clear the bombs they won't be back, thank god.

After that, forget the purples, just concentrate on making special candies and combos and the purples will take care of themselves.

Plus this level has those bouncy candy thingies, the ones with white wrappers that collect prizes. All good.

Suzie O said...

Got this one on the first try no boosters needed. After bombs are gone it is really fun. Lots of chocolate sprinkles and if you match it with a stripe that is NOT purple them the board fills up with purple!

Angel S said...

Finally a fun level! I won it easily by creating packages and using them as much as possible, along with other special candies.