Candy Crush Saga Level 1092.

Hints and tips for level 1092 Candy Crush Saga
At first sight this looks like a complicated level, but once you realize which way the candies move it's pretty simple.
The image below shows the order that the fruit has to travel through the different sections of the board to get to the exits, which are at the bottom of the top right section.
You can easily make special candies and combos in the two bigger sections of the board to clear the cream blockers from the other sections.
The ingredients fall down on move 41 and 31, so you must avoid making those moves in the 2 columns on the right of the top left section. If the fruit comes out of either of those 2 dispensers it will get stuck on the ledge and you will have to move it over. 
Stripe/wrap combos will do the job, or just stripes.
As long as you keep the candies moving in the top right section you will get the ingredients down OK.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Just be careful on moves 31 41 to avoid the fruit falling in the two rhs columns. Plenty of combinations available and no bombs.

Alicia said...

Had the perfect setup for this level, got the first ingredient down FAST, never got a second ingredient in 25+ turns. Awesome....

Anonymous said...

How do you get the ingredients unstuck in the far right columns? I can't figure that out!! Thanks.