Candy Crush Saga Level 1076

Hints and tips for level 1076 Candy Crush Saga
Unlock as much of the chocolate as you can using stripes, wraps and any combination.
The frog is hiding under the chocolate so once he is uncovered you can grow him and use him to unlock more of the chocolate.
Use colour bombs on candies the same colour as the frog to grow him quickly.
Colour bomb/stripe combos are one of the best combos for clearing level 1276 Candy Crush.
Remember to check the whole board before every move as there is jelly around the sides which may hold good matches once unlocked and it's easy to overlook it when you are fighting chocolate.
Resist the temptation to rush your moves to beat the chocolate, it won't grow while you are thinking.
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Anonymous said...

Where is everybody. :-(

Anonymous said...

Boy I wish they would allow comments for ALL of the levels! Next level 1077 is MUCH harder then this one!

Dz said...

The Boss man's comment are King - stop ditching them!!!!

Anonymous said...

That frog does my head in.