Candy Crush Saga Level 1186

Hints and tips for level 1186 Candy Crush Saga
Collect 99 red candies in 25 moves!
You need to remove the chocolate using stripe/wrap combos or other special candies, then it's combos all the way.. You can more or less ignore the red candies and just make specials and combos, which will clear the reds as you switch them.
I don't think the frog is all that helpful, I just tend to move it out of the way when it'd full to give more space to make special candies.
You can maybe use the frog if it's full and you only need one or two reds and can't match them to complete the game.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Easy one. First go.JS

grandma said...

I find it easy to clear but don't get enough reds! Where are they?

Anon lafy said...

Yes, did it on my second try. I added a tick candy and it worked. The frog was a nuisance! It kept eating my red candies so I moved it away.

Bill. said...

Used a tick candy from the sugar drop bonus wheel makes it very straightforward.

Anonymous said...

What is a "tick" candy?

Kevin Cousins said...

Apiece of candy, when u have column up and use that candy it worth +25