Candy Crush Saga Level 1204

Hints and tips for level 1204 Candy Crush Saga
You have to collect 30 striped candies in 30 moves.
As always when you need lots of stripes, a colour bomb/stripe combo is the easiest way to collect them.
There are four lucky candies on the board at the start which will give you some stripes, but really you shouldn't have too much trouble with level 1204.
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Anonymous said...

Got this one without ever forming a color bomb. Made as many stripes as I could and left them on the board to be taken by a move that would explode several of them at a time. JS

carlton said...

Waiting for that lucky board is part of the challenge .I received this episode 9/23...I finished it 9/23. I can remember some earlier episodes and levels taking days and even weeks. There have been some nearly impossible levels such as 1107 but what would you expect at this level . Is this a perfect game. . No but pretty close. What really scares me is that at some point these levels will end. But until then good luck to everybody and keep plugging away

Anonymous said...

Good advice about creating stripes but allowing the board to explode them, saves valuable moves! Having gotten this far I know we all have smart strategy, but it's always helpful to be reminded

Van5 said...

Had one colour bomb form on its own which I matched with a stripe. Made a second one which I also matched with a stripe, and it was pretty much done. Was tempted to start with a colour bomb from my stash as I have 87 of them, but it wasn't necessary. First try. Good luck all!

Anon lafy said...

Did this none by starting with a tick candy then matching a sprinkle with a stripe. finished with plenty of moves left. I did it before I came to read Cookie's tips!

Bill. said...

Chocolate bomb plus striped candy very familiar plan, took three attempts.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here

Easy, fun, done in a try or so.
2 colour ball/stripe combos plus a few single stripes will do it. And not too hard to make.

Baddie J said...

I got out of level 1205 in candy crush it hasn't tooken me into the next episode like its supposed to I'm still next to that boat looking icon which unlocks and takes you into the next episode I'm still there now like I said I made it out of level 1205 so why is it not taking me into the next level ? can anybody help me and tell me why it didn't take me into the next episode.