Candy Crush Saga Level 1214

Hints and tips for level 1214 Candy Crush Saga
Look for ways to grow the popcorns right from the beginning because if you don't get rid of them you won't pass level 1214 as there is jelly under them.
The popcorns seem to get harder to clear as you clear the board for some strange reason, so thats why I like to get them out of the way if possible.
Stripe/wrap combos and colour bomb/stripe combos are best for clearing popcorns as well as jelly, but for a high score colour bomb/wraps are best, although this combo will not affect the popcorn.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Another horrible BORING level. The person who got it in 3-4 tries was lucky. I've played a number of times and hate it as there are limited moves, and once you break through the chocolate it spreads and spreads. I have yet to clear the top to even release a single fruit. Glad to see at least that they will all come out at once after releasing.

Van5 said...

I think the previous comment is for 1213. This level was quite easy...first try. Took the above advice and cleared the popcorn first. Once that was done, there wasn't a lot of jelly left to clear. But I have always thought that the first board gives you the best shot at the level. Stripe/wrap is the key here. Good luck everyone!

Bling59 said...

So nice to get an easy one at last. Got it first time. Whoop! Whoop!

Anon lafy said...

Me too - I didn't even read Cookie"s tips! I will for the next level.

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when you need only 1 more move to crack the last one and there is none left! Grace from DU

Bill. said...

First attempt nice fun level.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

Enjoyable level. I didn't crack it first try. I felt it had a slight challenge, I felt I was really playing.

But.. you should be able to pass the level within your allotted 5 turns, or soon after. Absolutely don't consider using any boosters. Not needed.

GC said...

Well for me I played about 10 times and got close with only a few jellies to get. So I used two boosters this time and 2 handswitch and a hammer to finish. So it's not always easy for some.

Anonymous said...

I got an h-stripe between the popcorn and the wrap on top of the stripe. Before I could swap them, the wrap committed suicide. That actually worked out better. Wrap, stripe, then wrap again grew the popcorn. I was still annoyed by the previous level, so I used a magic hand to bring the c-bombs together. After that it was just clean up. Lots of moves, so no problem.