Candy Crush Saga Level 1216

Hints and tips for level 1216 Candy Crush Saga
The ingredients fall down on move 36 and move 31, so you must make these moves in the columns where the teleports are. See image below.
If you allow the ingredients to fall in the middle columns you will have to move them over to the sides to get them over the teleports.
The ingredients will also slip down into the bottom diagonally from the forth and sixth columns from the left if you can move the candies in the bottom squares at the right time.
If you are good at moving ingredients, or have plenty of hand boosters it isn't too much of a problem, but level 1216 is so much easier if you don't have to move the ingredients over.
Vertical stripes or stripe wrap combos will then get them out of the exits to complete the level.
Video below
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Thresa Muglich said...

1st try ~ 3 stars. Thanks to your great tips and video! Fun Level.

Van5 said...

Totally forgot about when the ingredients fall! They came in the 4th and 6th column. They do slip down diagonally if you forget. Used a stripe/ wrap combo to push them down, and then 2 vertical stripes to push them out the exits. Finished first try 3 stars. Fun level!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips!
Got 3 star and 24 moves left on 1st try and no booster lol

Anon lafy said...

First try - rubbish. Second try, got the ingredients down but needed a lollipop hammer to take the last candy out below the fruit. Thank goodness for boosters!

Bill. said...

As with a lot of these levels must easier on the Pc combinations seem to form much more easily.

Anonymous said...

Tried on pc without boosters and was a no go. Went on Android where I have my booster cache. Used color bomb and coconut wheel. Reset until color bomb was beside wheel, combined and locked jelly opened along with locked coconut wheels which fell to the left and right bottom corners.
Made sure that both ingredients fell in the second columns on the right. Used freed coconut wheel and verticals and moved ingredients out the teleports with moves left over.

AngelS said...

Above tips were great. First time I almost completed it but couldn't make the special candies needed to finish moving the fruit from the bottom left. Second time the moves fell into place and completed it with 24 moves left, 3 stars and no boosters. A fun level.

Anonymous said...

Niveau lamentable. Pas du tout intéressant, comme la plupart des niveaux d'ailleurs. Impossible à faire sans acheter des boosters, c'est vraiment pénible. C'est de la merde.
Et ça ne se passe jamais comme sur les vidéos...

Alessandra said...

—- WTF ???
This is driving me crazy

Ugh I need a break

Stupid shit annoying level
no fun at all just headache & stress !!!