Candy Crush Saga Level 1221

Hints and tips for level 1221 Candy Crush Saga
Don't worry too much about the chocolate to begin with, but if you can make matches in the bottom part of the board it will leave empty spaces where the chocolate won't be able to spread.
Your main focus should be on breaking through the cream blockers with special candies and combos.
Once you get candies falling into the bottom of the board you should be able to make combos more easily with the larger playing area.
Colour bomb/stripe combos or colour bomb/wrap combos are good for clearing cream blockers and jelly.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

hi all,
this level don't worry about the blockers, concentrate on getting through to bottom half at which 2 layers jelly situated, since NO jelly beneath the blockers, waster no time on breaking the blockers, just focus on the jelly parts will do.

Jen said...

Thank you "Anonymous" Great to have some constructive advice instead of the normal whingers threatening to throw their toys out the pram if King doesn't make it easier for them!!

Anonymous said...

Tintin here. Great comments here, got it first try, and seeing the video I realized I didn't have to clear all the sides. Without that tip I would have spent lots of unnecessary moves trying to clear the sides. Thanks.

Tou52 said...

wow, great help from above, thanks :) It's true, don't waste time with blockers, concentrate on lower section, and you'll finish in no time :)

Anonymous said...

Second try following previous hints! Thx. NC

Anonymous said...

Let it go already. You whining about the whiners is just as bad.

Anonymous said...

Played without checking site and wasted moves thinking there was jelly under everything. After reading tips, watched video to see where jelly ended and went back and beat it! Thanks for great advice!

CC from vero😎

Lynn said...

Agreed. Best "secret" about this level is no jelly under the blockers

Anonymous said...

Actually fun. Got it second try with the comments above.

Rob Mason
Banner Elk, NC

Anonymous said...

I was going to express surprise that I got through on the first try with still blockers left. But above comments explain it. Feel good after 1220.Grace from DU

Bill. said...

Third attempt break through the bricks then need a bit of luck to clear the jelly.

Anonymous said...

And look at yourself whining about the whiners that whine about the whiners.

Anonymous said...

c/candycrush here.

There is no jelly under the cream. The only jelly on the board is what you can see at the bottom at the start, in that sort of pyramid shape.

So you don't have to clear all the cream. Once I knew that & where to concentrate, I could clear it twice in a row.
-Make matches in the bottom if you can to start clearing jelly
-break through to the bottom as fast as you can
-As always, aim for specials or combos, especially if you can get some down to that bottom row.