Candy Crush Saga Level 1234

Hints and tips for level 1234 Candy Crush Saga
There is jelly under all the cream blockers and chocolate so it all has to be cleared to complete level 1234 Candy Crush Saga.
At the start moves are very restricted so you will need to look carefully for the best moves if there is a choice.
Be careful not to release the bombs in the middle too earl, if the bombs start dropping before you have cleared some of the blockers you will have problems removing them, although they will help to improve your score once they are released.
Stripe/wrap combos and colour bomb combos will clear the most.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Probably just lucky, got it 1st try. Did use hand switch to put wrap/stripe combo together which took out all the chocolate. Bombs came with a vengeance. Lots of combos made from the bombs

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly easy level, got it on the first try. What helped was getting a colour bomb/blue stripe adjacent to each other and a lot of blue candies on the board. That did major damage, and went a long way to clearing the board. The bombs were not a factor, with none getting below five or so.

Van5 said...

Would have had this first try but on my last move, I used my colour bomb on the wrong colour...honestly! Finger slipped. After that it took about 6 more tries. Combos are the way to go. One colour bomb/ stripe combo near the end cleared the board. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

Haven't gotten anywhere near a lucky board yet. Bombs are killing me. REALLY looking to the chocolates too. My two favorite things--bombs and chocolates together!!

2cats said...

Yay, got 3 stars on the first try...not to hard, just followed the tips here...thanks!

Anon lafy said...

Oh dear - I just used up all my gold bars and three lollipops to destroy the last candies! Oh well, it's done now. I was so close and yielded to temptation because I hate chocolate and I had defeated the bombs.

Anonymous said...

Was a bit put off by massive failure of first two attempts. Then read the hints. Made it three stars on try three, with no boosters. Important not to release the bombs until you absolutely have to. Combos came very easily.

Rob Mason
Banner Elk, NC

Bill. said...

Keep at the bricks. Then striped candy cleared the chocolate. Needed a few combinations to clear the jelly.

RA said...

Not too difficult, just make sure you play from the bottom of the board, and eat away the choc before releasing the bombs..