Candy crush Saga Level 1246

Hints and tips for level 1246 Candy Crush Saga
Level 1246 can be a fun level, or a nightmare! It all depends on what you get from the mystery candies.
First you need to collect the keys to unlock the mysteries, then cross your fingers and hope you get good things from them.
If you get nothing but chocolate, blockers and popcorn you will struggle, but if you get stripes and wraps and colour bombs you can have a lot of fun and get high scores.
Level 1246 Candy Crush Saga is very much a luck level, but fun to play all the same.
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Mary Louise said...

I did not touch any of the special candies on the bottom until I had them all uncovered. I was fortunate that the initial ones uncovered were good ones. If you try to match them when there is only 1 or 2 rows and get a chocolate you won't have the space to work the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Fun level. First try, no boosters, eight moves left.

Anonymous said...

Got it first try, no boosters. Above suggestion is right, get all keys done before making any lower moves. When I finally got all the keys, had a lower sprinkle with stripe, and it cleared all the board :)

Van5 said...

First try no boosters also. I did make a move n the bottom before I had all the keys as a stripe/wrap combo up top produced some ugly chocolate and I didn't want it to spread too far. Worked just fine as that move left a stripe/wrap combo at the bottom and got the last key. From there it was easy. Good luck everyone!

Anon lafy said...

What an easy level - a refreshing change. First go, no boosters. It did itself, really.

Anonymous said...

First try. Thanks for the comment about leaving the bottom alone until all uncovered... Wow, what a show. only had two jellies to get rid of after the smoke cleared.

Rob Mason
Banner Elk, NC

Bill. said...

First try release the keys then combinations formed by themselves and cleared the jelly.

Tamijay said...

That was fun. A nice relief after the previous levels.

Suzie O said...

First try for me too.. I never use a booster on the first one and on this one I didn't even use any of the mystery eggs unless they broke by themselves.