Candy Crush Saga Level 1072

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1072 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
Level 1072 has only 15 moves to collect 20 red candies which are hidden in the lucky candies around the board.
You must make every move count to have any chance of collecting all the red candies.
Concentrate on making special candies, stripes, wraps and especially colour bombs. This is the only way you will clear this level.
Don't waste moves matching red candies, leave it to the combos to do that for you.
You will still need a bit of luck with the cascades, which will hopefully change some lucky candies and collect some reds without you having to use moves.
In a couple of games I played I found I didn't have enough red candies at the end and I suspect it was because I switched a colour bomb with a stripe and it turned a lucky candy into a stripe, but not sure as I wasn't able to test it again.
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Anonymous said...

After playing several games without success and decided to use my checked mark candy from my daily free spin. With 4 moves left I was able to make a chocolate ball & got it within one candy next to a red. So I used a hand switch to get it next to the red & switched them. Had enough reds on the board to complete the order. Lucky board as well. Glad to be past it.

MNranger said...

I tried using a hand switch and won easily with several moves and even some checked candies left.

Anonymous said...

Niveau stupide, aucune stratégie, juste la chance. Ça devient pénible !
Je pense que je vais arrenter CC parce que je ne m'amuse plus.