Candy Crush Saga Level 1298

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1298 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
It's hard to predict moves with a board that moves so much so make your special candies and combos as soon as you see them.  
Concentrate on popping the popcorn early on so that it is not  the last jelly standing.  
Try to get wraps and a stripes side by side on the conveyor belt and align them with it till it's a hit.  
Watch the bombs carefully -  if they get stuck on the lower conveyor belt - even with 9 or 10 moves still remaining,  it's hard to pop them until they rotate back up and you may run out of moves before that happens.  
Sides and corners are the hardest jellies to get too so focus on those areas first - the center usually takes care of itself. 
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Anonymous said...

Tin tin here. I am slowly working my way through these. Got this one first try after reading the helpful tips. For the previous two I resorted to a choc ball to clear away one colour...that helped. These are not tooooo hard.

Anonymous said...

I usually hate the conveyour belt ones, but this one was kind of neat - lots of strategy - good tips - first time, no boosters.

2cats said...

I must have gotten a lucky board, because I got this first try...just watched out for those nasty bombs and got to chocolate sprinkles at the end to kill the 2 jellies I had left...moving on. Good luck everyone!

Anon lafy said...

On my third try I was lucky and got a sprinkle matched with a stripe which cleared most of the jellies. Then it was easy to zap the left overs. I think you have to take this one slowly, looking at the consequences of every move.

Good luck, all.

Cat said...

Hi all.

Easy one here gang. Combos galore knocked this one out with 27 moves left.

Gl all

Bill. said...

First attempt need to check every move to form combinations. Bombs nuisance but can be kept under control.

Laura S. said...

Wow! I mixed a chocolate ball with a blue wrapped candy and it changed every blue candy on the board to a blue wrapped and they all exploded! Never seen that before. Got so excited I had to come over here and tell everyone, even though I am still playing the level!! I want to try that again!!

Anonymous said...

Laura where have you been playing that you never had seen that before? A chocolate sprinkle with a stripe will ALWAYS change to the same color stripe. Just sayin.

Suzie O said...

That is amazing Laura that you made it this far and never saw that before, choc. sprinkle and wrap has saved my butt many times. anyhoo... posting for luck. I got a new phone and CC app didn't work so had to delete and of course lose all my saved boosters.