Candy Crush Saga Level 1303

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1303 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
Start making vertical stripes right from the start.  The Keys and UFO's are helpful but don't waste too many moves trying to get to them, I found it more helpful to focus on stripes and stripe/wrap combos up top and the keys and UFO's took care of themselves.  Most of the time the UFO'S didn't make  it to the bottom anyway.  I did get some fish from the lucky candies that took care of the last 3 jellies for me so luck is a factor here.
Video below
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Van5 said...

Good tip, Allina! Got this first try. Mostly vertical stripes. UFOs did land below in the jelly. Only managed to get 2 keys, but it didn't seem to matter. Had one jelly left and couldn't make a stripe so I used a hammer to finish it. Only one star. May come back to this one.

Thiru said...

Managed to clear the level without booster on the first try. Thanks for the tips.

Bill. said...

Took quite a few attempts. Do not be in a hurry to use the ufo combinations more important in this level the ufo were helpful.

Anonymous said...

JSN: This level took me a number of tries without boosters. I found that if you take care of as many jellies above before activating the UFOs the saucers are much more likely to go after the jellies below.

Boffo said...

Too easy. Couple of striped/wrapped combos plus the UFO's