Candy Crush Saga Level 1305

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1305 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
Look carefully at the board before you start to play, your aim is to clear the chocolate in as few moves as possible. This will give you more space to make special candies and combos, which you will need to clear the jelly and pass level 1305.
Matches of three won't be enough to clear level 1305 in the moves available, you need to concentrate and look for combos with every move.
Colour bomb/stripe combos will clear a lot of blockers and stripe/wrap combos will also be very useful.
If you are struggling to pass level 1305 try a fish booster, which will clear jelly from under blockers. 
More tips by Allina Rumfelt
 Marmalade , chocolate, blockers, crates, combos.   
Get rid of the marmalade so you can make a hole in the chocolate so the bottom can start to refill.  
Remember you can use the candies under the marmalade in your moves.  You can also try to refill the bottom by breaking the center wall of blockers and let it refill from the side.. that may also help you contain the chocolate to the top. 
 If the chocolate starts to spread to the center column get it right away so you don't overlook it.  There are jellies under the chocolate crates on the bottom but I found  once the board opened up  up top you can concentrate on chocolate bombs and stripe combos... 2 of these pretty much took out this board.
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Anonymous said...

Got this level on the first try with 3 stars. I concentrated on keeping the chocolate under control rather than making specials. Used a hammer on my last move.

myrabug said...

Fish booster worked like a charm!! Couldn't have gotten this far in the game without your tips...... thank you

Anon lafy said...

I didn't enjoy this level at all. It took several days to finish it off. Fish boosters on their own were no help, and I kept being swamped by chocolate. Eventually I threw all three boosters in and got it. Thank goodness. I couldn't say I used any tactics, just care to make combos.

Bling59 said...

I also kept hacking away at the chocolate and then it was easy. First try. Guess it was a lucky board.

Cat said...

Hi all.

1st try got it. Specials just kept coming and cleared the chocolate easily. Simple level here gang.


Bill. said...

Second attempt clear the chocolate etc then concentrate on combinations. Quite enjoyable.

Boffo said...

1st attempt. Kept getting color bombs.