Candy Crush Saga Level 1319

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1319 without boosters.
The chocolate is the biggest problem on level 1319, especially the section top left, so try to remove that as soon as you ca. The good thing is that once its gone it doesn't come back.
Stripes or a stripe wrap combo are best for removing the chocolate. If you don't get it early on you will waste a lot of moves trying to keep it under control.
Once the chocolate is out of the way you shouldn't have too much trouble clearing the jelly.
A jelly fish booster would probably help if you have any, but this will not help you get high scores.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Let's just say another level where those showing examples "somehow" get great boards. It's that way with all levels. This is a scam on King's part. It borders on gambling, since their objective is to get you to spend money. HMMM, my state has a law against gambling online. HMMM!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many tries the the people doing the examples do before they get a great board. Think they are just like us and may have done it many times before they get a winning board. Am curious if they record each try and then delete the failed attempts. JS

Judith Harrison said...

Thank you. I watched this video and cleared the board on the first try.

Anonymous said...

Easy one, got it first time.

Anonymous said...

Got it first try using the fish booster and got 3 stars

maria peso said...

The right side is hard to get ,don't like it

Anon lafy said...

Did it, much to my surprise, with some lucky combos and switch hands to make more. Not easy! Good luck to all.
P.S. I hate chocolate- it swamped me on my first try. I think it took 4 tries to finish this level.

Cat said...

Hi all.

1st try 3 stars. Combos came easy for me, as did the board.

Gl all

Bill. said...

Three attempts. Lucky two chocolate bombs next to each other early on cleared the chocolate then need to concentrate on the popcorn.

GC said...

First try, three stars, but had to use a hammer on the last jelly. This makes such a change and relief to get one first try for a change. I took my time and was lucky to get combo's.

Good luck everyone.