Candy Crush Saga Level 1342

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1342 Without boosters.
By Allina Rumfelt
Start by getting rid of the first lot of bombs.  Once the bomb count exceeds the number of moves you have you can ignore them.   With only 4 colors on the board special candies are pretty easy.  Make wrapped and striped candies up top since there is more room and then drop them down to blast the licorice.  Pretty straight forward. 
Video below by Allina

More tips by Cookie.
Look carefully at the board and first see if you can make any special candies in the top part of the board.
The candies in the top half will fall down into the bottom when you make a move in the bottom, so any good combos in the top should be made before you make any moves in the bottom.
Once the specials or combos are ready to be used you may be able to make a move in the bottom and drop them down, wrapped candies are especially useful to remove bombs and licorice.
With only four colours it's easy to make your combos and you shouldn't have too much trouble clearing level 1342.
Video below.
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Anon lafy said...

Where is everyone?

This was quite a straightforward level. Reset the board to get a good match to start off. Easy to make combos with so few colours, but watch the number of moves you have. I ran out on my first try, and got it on my second.

Bling59 said...

Makes a nice change to get an easy game. Let's hope there are a few more like it in this episode.

Bill. said...

Concentrate on the bottom box of jellies the liquorice is the most difficult to clear.

Ann said...

I would concentrate on the bottom box of jellies if I had any moves there!

Ann said...

Again! Every board I get has no moves in the bottom part. I'm going to have to start resetting. Losing too many lives!