New Evil Spawners or Magic Mixers

What are the new features from level 1326 and how do we deal with them?
The official name of this feature is Magic Mixers,  but I am calling them Evil Spawners! That is exactly what they are, evil!
These new spawners can spawn any of the bad things in Candy Crush Saga including marmalade, cream blockers, bombs and chocolate. Once the chocolate or other nasty is released it grows much faster than it would normally and doubles in area with every move if you do nothing to prevent it.
The good thing is that these Evil Spawners can be stopped and can also be removed completely from the board.
When you first begin a level with the Evil Spawners you get three moves before they begin to spawn whatever it is they are holding, you will see the clock hand move around faster and faster and the middle fills up with pink until finally it will spawn.
To prevent the nasties from being ejected you need to make matches next to the spawners, this will slow down the clock hand and give you another move without any more chocolate etc.
You can also hit them with the blast from a stripe, wrap or a combo.
While you are hitting them they will not send out any more of whatever they are holding, but if it is chocolate that will continue to grow as normal unless you are also making matches which remove some.
Once the spawners have been hit five times they will explode in the same way as a wrapped candy, taking all surrounding candies with them, but they only explode once and they will be gone from the board and won't come back.
You can hit the spawners with a lollipop hammer if you need to, but if they are not ready to explode you may have to use more than one hammer.
Below is a video of level 1334 showing how to remove them.

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Ann said...

do you have to hit them 5 times total or 5 time in a row?

Karen said...

This is a horrible level!

Marilyn said...

I feel no shame in buying gold and buying hammers and knocking the crap outta those beasties!

Judie said...

5 times total

Unknown said...

Annoying things, help!