Candy Crush Saga Level 1054

Best tips showing how to pass level 1054 Candy Crush saga without boosters.
It's best to deal with the chocolate first, once it's gone it won't come back.
Then you need to collect 5 keys to unlock the ingredients.
While you are collecting the keys try to save a couple of stripe or wraps near the bottom, or a stripe/wrap combo, which you can use to get the ingredients out of the exits once they are free.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Clearing the chocolate is essential then getting the fruit down can be difficult with the liquorice not helping. Ten attempts.

Bling59 said...

Wow! First try. Used a check booster. Maybe a colour bomb. Swapped the check booster. Two colour bombs together. Bingo. Done.

Steve69 said...

Can anyone help it wount let me play this level has anybody has this before

Anonymous said...

Passed the super hard level a few games back on the first go but this silly little one has stopped me in my tracks.

Anonymous said...

I used a wheel which took out a lot of chocolate and a key. Then another wheel which I kept to get rid of the remaining fruit at the end.

MissyM said...

Steve, back in April, said the level wouldn't open for him.
I am frustrated with Timed Level 1754 so I'm back here trying for 3 Stars.
This level will not open for me either.

Anonymous said...

My chocolate comes back! Anyone else experience this?