Candy Crush Saga Level 1523

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1523 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Allina Rumfelt.
You get 20 moves to clear all the jelly.  You will need to fatten up the frog so you can use him to get the keys so the locked jellies are exposed.  He takes anywhere from  5-6 matches,  depending on how many candies he munches,  to fatten him up and trigger Frogtastic mode. 
You only need the frog once.  A color bomb ignites frogtastic mode immediately.  So fatten him up, get your keys and then spend rest of your moves clearing the remaining jellies.  20 moves go fast and you can count on at least half of them going to fatten up Frog (unless you get lucky and get a color bomb), so some pretty big combos are needed to clear up the remaining jellies.  
I would even consider using one of my color bombs from the pregame boosters if you find yourself unable to clear the board, but use it to fatten the frog by hitting frog colour candies with it, not to collect keys. 
Video below
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myrabug said...

I must have hit a lucky board ~~ passed it on the first try. That doesn't happen often but I appreciate it when it does~~~ Onward we go.

Anonymous said...

After trying a few times and always needing 2 or 3 more moves I used a choc sprinkle. Reset until it was next to same color as frog. After frog wss filled I had lots of moves to finish.

Bill. said...

Need to clear frog quickly to get enough moves to clear the jelly. Took five attempts.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble getting all the jellies before I run out of moves.

Anonymous said...

BEST TIP: Thanks!!

Using sprinkler bomb and reset it till it is next to the same color as the frog DID the trick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tips! Very important to grow frog.

Boffo said...

Passed without boosters. Loaded up the frog and then got 2 wrapped side by side. Took out all but 2 jellies. The other 2 were set up so they were easy.

Angel S said...

Wow! This is what you call the gods smiling on you first thing in the morning. I opened this game and had 2 sprinkles next to each other.
Simplest win ever! This doesn't often happen to me!