Candy Crush Saga Level 1541

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1541 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The main problem in level 1541 is the bombs, if they get into difficult to get places they may kill your game.
All you need to do is clear the cream blockers at the top of the right side of the board, and use stripes or colour bombs to collect the keys, then clear the cream blockers at the bottom which are blocking the exits. 
The fruit has to go through the teleports at the bottom of the left side, then down the right side to the exits. Done. 
BUT, all the time you are doing this you have to keep the bombs under control, they don't have a very long countdown so can't be ignored.
A vertical stripe on the right side, in the same column as the ingredients, will get them down in one move.
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Cat said...

Hey folks.
Really having a difficult time on this bastardly level! Can't seem to contain those darned bombs from exploding.

And dont mind my troll please if he/she becomes nasty. Seems I have a fan club of some sort..

Gl all

Cat said...

Well there you have it!

I really do believe indeed posting helps with luck! Worked like a prince charm here. Got lucky getting 2 keys early on and matched to unload the fruit into the right hemisphere and down the tunnel. 3 stars.

Very good luck to you all (even my troll)

Anonymous said...

Had some trouble also. Used a sprinkle so I could get at least one key and a coco wheel to break one level of cream. Made some combos but still had to use a lollipop to drop the two fruits๐Ÿ™„
CC from vero

Annonymous said...

It looks awful. Well here goes...LA

Annonymous said...

Well it took a couple hammer boosters but glad to leave it behind. LA

Bill. said...

Need to collect keys then lucky combination's.

Anonymous said...

All you have to do....You can do nothing with this stupid level but shuffle some candies until the bomb is out of time
Grace from DU

Anonymous said...


LynnR said...

Wrap/strpie booster helped me take out all the keys at once and the ingredients blew right out the bottom, this after many tries without boosters.

sprocket2 said...

Ugh. I thought this one would be kind of easy as King is giving us a free wrapped booster on each level for a few hours. Not so much! The wrap was never in a spot where it did much good. I eventually added a coconut booster thinking that would be better but I think I should have added a stripe/wrap booster of my own to go with it and paired the coconut with the striped candy. As it was the coconut took out a couple of keys and the wrapped candy took out some levels of the blockers. I was able to get one of the fruits over to the right side but still had one piece of tin to remove before the other fruit would fall. Lots of 'no move' shuffling of candy that didn't help me. I eventually got the other fruit over and halfway down the board but every time the candy shuffled bombs got moved to the left side of the board and I had to use up crucial moves to keep them from exploding. I ended up needing three hammers to get the second fruit out. Yes, I agree I probably should have started over but by then I was pissed. What I'm getting at with all this whining is to say that if you are going to use a coconut, go ahead and break out a stripped candy to go with it. If you can pair them you'll save yourself a lot of grief.

Anonymous said...

Started this without checking here first, no idea what I was doing but got it first go !!!! If it helps I got a lucky sprinkle/stripe comb on the right side and the fruit just shot through. This never happens for me so I hope you all get the same good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Ellie H.

Boffo said...

Got it on first try. As usual it was a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

To those who have got it on the first try, They must be lying.