Candy Crush Saga Level 1592

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1592 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Allina Rumfelt
For level 1592 Candy Crush Saga you need to bring down 2 ingredients and score at least 50,000 points within 32 moves to pass.  There are 2 cake cannons that will clear the majority of the board for you so focus on those first.  The first ingredient is on the board already and the second one will fall once the first one clears. Check for moves on the underside of the cakes since those a tricky to get sometimes.     
This is another board that has restricted moves until the board opens up so just do the best you can.   Good combos are of course the chocolate bomb and stripes or  stripe/wrap combos.  
If you play on mobile, you can reset the board without losing a life,   I would do that until the first ingredient starts off in  the centermost  dispensers.  Then you can just move the ingredient over and down through the center.   If your on a PC, and the first ingredient pops up one one of the end dispensers,  you can work on removing the side blockers to try and get the ingredient down  the side before the cake cannons go off.  It's just a "board" call. 
Wherever the ingredient starts off get the cake bombs if at all possible as they will make the second ingredients so much easier to clear.
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Cat said...

Easiest level in recent memory.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yea cat. Had two springless together Finished with 19 moves left.

myrabug said...

Easy - peasy! Used a coconut wheel and got three stars! BAM

Joanne Murray said...

Oh my God! An actual simple nice level. Did the CC developers have to get home for dinner when devising this one.

Anonymous said...

Piece of cake... Pun intended. 1st try, 3 stars, 11 moves left.

Rob in Banner Elk, NC