Candy Crush Saga Level 1649

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1649 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You only need to collect one ingredient to complete level 1649 Candy Crush Saga, but the ingredient has to make it's way down a complicated trail of conveyors.
You need to remove candies from the squares below the ingredient at exactly the right time to allow it to fall into the next square down. 
See image.
Removing candies from anywhere lower than the ingredient will move it down the board as long as it is in one of the squares shown in the path it needs to take.
The stripes given on the right of the board will help a great deal as long as you use them at the right time. Save your best moves for when the ingredient is in position to fall down.
Video below
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Bill. said...

Needed one hand switch to get the last striped candy in the right place. took five attempts, enjyable.

Bill. said...

Needed two hand swaps to get last stripe in the correct place to finish. Took four attempts but enjoyed it.

Bill. said...

Used a few hand swaps to finish. Fun level nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Passed on third attempt with no boosters. I was lucky enough to make a chocolate sprinkle which landed next to a stripe. That got the cherry nearly to the bottom and then I just had to wait for the right moment to send a stripe across the bottom.

Bill said...

YOU need a hand slap, not a hand swap for being a troll!!!'

CC from vero said...

For some reason the fruit would not go down the last spot. So needed to use a hammer to finish.
1st try, 3 stars.

anonymous37 said...

Coconut wheel is very helpful!

Anonymous said... boosters disappeared and I could have used a hammer to help me...anyone else having trouble with them disappearing?

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I used some hammers to get this done in one try. Could not be bothered. Grace from DU

dirty vegas said...

Only 21 moves to complete the level not the same as shown on the video .its a fun level but that wee bit harder with less moves .

Anonymous said...

Why do we get only 21 moves on iPad and iPhone. Not shown on video. Frustrating and this happens often and never gets corrected. Why?

Anonymous said...

I agree with above comment it should be the same amount of moves for everybody. This is happening on a lot of levels. It needs to be sorted.

Marwanjo said...

The one who had this level in 1,2 or 3 times had 26 moves or they are trolls, thats what i believe. I only have 21 moves. Shame on you CC . Go on this way and i stop playing this game. Why do you think i boycott all other CC games?

Silverdollarbill said...

Got it first try, but started with a blue flying saucer and all three boosters. Opening screen had a CB blue wrapped next to each other on the left. When the fruit got into position there was a blue candy under it, so I did the above combo. That got me down to the last position and in a few moves I worked a coconut wheel down to just above the last row, and activated it, to finish the game.

Anonymous said...

I started with a Chocolate Sprinkle and a Stripe/Wrap from my stash. I was fortunate that the Sprinkle and a Wrap landed beside each other and that there was a candy of the same colour as the Wrap in each of the boxes. I played 'nothing' 3 matches until the candy was in the correct place in the first box and then activated the Sprinkle/Wrap. The candy went out the bottom. Three Stars. MM Toronto

Alessandra said...


I am not getting this at all

It’s very Hard to make new Stripes & I don’t know when to release them

Maybe I’m just being thick :(

So far used a cb &’wrapped and also acoconut wheel and I still can’t pass this !!!

Hate this level with a passion

it’s slow tedious frustrating watching that conveyor going round & round

I would actually pay money to pass this level from Hell !!!