Candy Crush Saga Level 1675

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1675 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Unlock the stripes on the right side of the board but don't let them drop. The best way is to make a match between them. If one drops it doesn't matter, but try to keep at least one of them in line with the wrapped candies under the ingredients. Fire a stripe into the 2 wraps and they will allow the ingredients to fall down into the main playing area.
Each time you get an ingredient out of the exit another one will fall down so there are usually 2 ingredients on the board at the same time. You don't have many moves to spare so look carefully at the board before every move so you don't waste any.
If you allow the wrapped candies to fall out of place pou will have a hard time clearing the cream blocker holding the ingredients in place. 
A coconut wheel booster can be very helpful, but take care that you don't move the essential candies out of place.
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Bill. said...

As Ms Cookie said, get the stripes unlocked as soon as you can. Then match 2 in order to activate a wrap. The moves are then limited so you must make the most of them. Fruits will drop as soon as 1 is exited. Key is releasing stripes to hit a wrap.

Bill. said...

Real Bill. Used a chocolate sprinkle booster from my stash, used to unlock the stripes and therefore open a wrap. Keep fruits moving so others come out. Gl

Bill. said...

Real Bill. Not the 2 idiots above. 3rd try got this frustrating level. No boosters needed. Make sure the 1st moves are hitting the wraps with the adjacent stripes to get fruit moving. Then just need combos. Gl

Anonymous said...

Ms cookie can you please block all Bills real or fake. .please

CC from vero said...

Used a coconut wheel placed strategically to pop the two wraps which started the fruit fall. Made some more good combos and done

Ms. Cookie said...

The Bill's have not broken any rules, regulations, or guidelines that are issued for contributing to our site.

We continue to keep an eye out and regulate any illicit behavior that may arise.

Thanks you for your concern.

sprocket2 said...

It's also quite possible to clear this level even if the strategically placed stripes fall out of position - as mine did on my first move. I started with a color bomb booster(which I ended up using on my last move as it wasn't in a good spot to use earlier in the game). When the stripes fell I was able to use them to remove some of the blockers under the wrapped candies. I then used a couple of moves getting rid of some of the blockers on the bottom. Once I had a little room I was able to make a vertical striped candy in the right place to set of one of the wraps. That started a nice little cascade which allowed me to make a color bomb the same color as the other wrapped candy and then it was a matter of just getting the fruit out. I ended up using the color bomb I started with to get the last two fruits out of the exit as they were both above candies of the same color. I ended up with 10 moves to spare so even without the color bomb booster there probably would have been enough moves to get them out. Certainly it would have been easier if I could have used the striped candy in the way Ms Cookie did, but don't feel you have to give up right away if they fall out of place. Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find themselves rushing the game after a timed level? My fingers won''t slow down!Suzie

geetorque said...

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