Candy Crush Saga Level 1684

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1684 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Clear the cake bombs as quickly as possible, this will clear some more of the board and give you space to work and make combos.
Wrapped candies are always best for growing popcorn and combined with a stripe they will help clear the cake bombs too at the same time as growing the popcorn.
There are not many moves to spare so make every one count.
If you can get two colour bombs together, switching them will clear blockers, jelly and hit the cake bombs, so worth trying if you are not aiming for high scores as you don't get many points for that combo.
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Anonymous said...

This one took me quite a few goes, but I got through at last with no boosters spent. Another enjoyable game with no bombs, spinners or chocolate to interfere.

Bill. said...

Real Bill. 1st try. One of easiest levels in a long time. Gl all!

CCAddict said...

Another enjoyable easily doable level Thanks King.Destressing a

Anonymous said...

This level is making me dizzy. Hate it!

Anonymous said...

Watch your language. There are children on this forum! No one forces you to play the game!

Anonymous said...

The flashing candies wreck my head. I had forgotten how annoying they were.

Anonymous said...

When I choose one or more boosters, they don't appear in the board.
Anyone with the same problem ?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else having problems with candy crush using your boosters without letting you choose when & if you want to play them?

Fish are stupid said...

Ok, might I say I finished with no help from the fish.

At one point I had to let it swim too soon and does it ever pick the cake?
Little side candy that is hard to get to? Noooooooooooooo!
It lazily picks the easy ones I could get myself.

One time I released fish with hardly any jellies left and it destroys my Color Bomb! Boo!

King, train your fish

Erika Gonzalez said...

Can't get thru this one!