Candy Crush Saga Level 1774

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1774 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This is a pretty straightforward jelly level, use special candies and combos to unlock the marmalade and clear the jelly.
Once the given colour bomb is in play you can use it to detonale the stripes which will give you a start on clearing the jelly.
Then look for combos wherever possible and especially colour bombs.
Video below
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William Panzer said...

Bill here. Real Bill. No comments yet? This one is not that easy. Unless everyone is stuck on the last level. I have learned if the stripe in the upper right hand corner Falls just restart. Other than that waiting for lucky color bomb combo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tip, Bill. I hit the stripe on the bottom left first, which put the ball next to a candy the same color as the stripe in the upper right. Once I switched that I just made combos. Got lucky and ended up clearing the board with a ball/stripe combo. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Another impossible level!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah not an easy game

Anonymous said...

Jellyfish helped me a lot

TNPatti said...

For once, I found a level pretty easy. I did take advantage of one of all those many fish boosters I've been given in the spins. Maybe I just got a lucky board but I passed this one on the second try. Normally I wouldn't use a booster this early but I have so many fish, why not?

richard e G said...

After getting my mind blown with the grueling level 1773, I got very lucky with 1774 by getting 2 wrap/bomb combo. It cleared out all the jelly... amazing

Me said...

King must have my number as seriously can't even get a stripe let alone a combo!! I've spent enough!! Was fun but truly stupid now!

Anonymous said...

I played this one on a PC and had just 25 moves. I did find sparkle balls were made fairly easily. On the fourth try, I ended up with two sparkle balls side by side and was able to switch them together to do some serious damage. A couple of lucky wraps/wraps and then a wrap/stripe took out the rest. All in all a fun level and a nice relief from a couple of others.

Fish finally helped me said...

Finally helped by a fish!

Board opened with a fish next to a stripe. The fish actually behaved and made a horizontal stripe through the top row.

Then I broke out a prized and hoarded hammer to make a Sprinkle Bomb which was paired with a stripe, very laboriously. Sometimes I don't have patience to wait for that stripe, but this time I did.

A fish got the last jellies, which I am totally shocked by as fish usually pick off sprinkle bombs and do me harm.

This was way more annoying than fun.

Good luck.


Silverdollarbill said...

Got it first try starting with a blue flying saucer, and CB & fish boosters. First screen had 2 CB'S next to each other. That switch on the first move got most of the jellies. After a few 3 candy combos, got 2 more CB'S, which I used to match up with colors of the remaining jellies. Plenty of moves left.