Candy Crush Saga Level 1818

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1818 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 65 blue candies, all the chocolate and the 9 licorice.
There is a frog hidden in the chocolate which you will need to uncover and grow to full size in order to be able to collect the licorice. 
Work your way into the chocolate and start using combos to clear it as quickly as possible so you can begin to grow the frog.
Don't worry too much about the blue candies, as long as you clear the board and make as many combos as you can the blues will be collected without a problem. The only time you have to worry about the blues is if it takes a lot of moves to clear the chocolate as this will clog up the board and prevent the blues from falling.
Once the frog is grown use it to clear the licorice and then check how many blues are needed, if any.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

That's mad I cleared all the chocolates! got all the blues and licorice with 20 moves left and it told me I still had to collect 1 more chocolate . How come ? Is this yet another glitch ?

Anonymous said...

It worked correctly the second time. An easy level this. Very straightforward

Anonymous said...

We've had this level before. C'mon Man!

Anonymous said...

Nice and easy after the last level.

Anonymous said...

iPhone/no booster/1 star

Denise said...

What a breeze, I beat this in 10 moves and 3 stars and no boosters, wow. I can't believe I beat the last three levels on my first move. Now this is the way it should be. After getting this far it should be smooth sailing ⛵️ from here on out! Good job King!

Silverdollarbill said...

Got it first try starting with a star stocking; CB & stripped wrapped combo boosters; 18 moves left. Got the licorice without using the frog, never even grew him. First move did a 3 candy combo to drop a CB next to a another CB. That switch on the second move got all the licorice. Just made combos until I got all the blues.