Candy Crush Saga Level 1839

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1839 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You need to get 200,000 points in 30 moves to pass level 1839.
To reach this high score you will need to use the bombs which are in the middle, and will continue to fall down the middle column as you clear them.
Unlocking the bombs from the marmalade and clearing the first batch has to be a priority. The bombs count down from 25 so no urgency, but if you don't concentrate on clearing them they will kill your game before you know it. Besides stopping the bombs from counting down you really do need the points you get from destroying them and you need more to fall down.
Once the cream blockers are cleared you will get licorice from the dispensers which needs to be kept under control or it will block uyour moves and prevent you from clearing the bombs.
I found it best to clear the blockers and marmalade from the top down, to prevent the top bombs getting stuck behind the licorice and unreachable.
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Lucia said...

No doubt it is best to clear from the top down, if you're so lucky as to get the layout to do it. It's fairly easy to make vertical stripes near the bottom, though, and those helped me a lot.

Anonymous said...

Again less moves on Android. Only 26 compared to 30 on PC.

Anonymous said...

After posting above about having less moves I finished on my first try. The Chocolate sprinkle I made on my last move that went off at the end took it from way under the point requirement to 414,000 points.

jackluver said...

I thought this was a fun level. Bombs are no problem here. The next level is kind of hard but enjoyable too. I am really liking this episode so far except for that awful timed level 1837.

Anonymous said...

I got nowhere working from the top down so I cleared the bottom first while taking hits at the top when I got the chance. I found it easier to cause destruction by creating combos underneath.

Anonymous said...

I haven't cracked this yet, but it is more in the style of games long ago, when there was a sense of satisfaction rather than frustration at the end.

Suzie O said...

matching a sprinkle with the same color as bombs is how I got through it.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for that lucky board. Not getting anywhere with points. Ugh

New England said...

I agree with above-I used a sprinkle with the same color as the bombs, and with the extra few moves that gave me, I matched some of the new bombs also-didn't realize that's where the points are.