Candy Crush Saga Level 1841

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1841 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You need to clear all the cream blockers and also collect blue candies and licorice.
There is some licorice on the board at the start of the game but not enough to complete the orders, so you need to clear the blockers under the licorice dispensers at the top to allow more to fall into play where you can collect them.
Unfortunately you will also get bombs falling which have to be dealt with fairly quickly as they have a countdown of only 8 moves.
If you concentrate on making combos as much as possible you should be able to collect all the blues you need and also the cream blockers.
Keep track of how many licorice you need and remember not to clear too much until you have what you need. Every time you clear licorice no more will fall down the next move so you will waste moves waiting for more to fall.
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Lucia said...

Easy-peasy, right? Not so much. A lot of the time you have only one or two moves, and they clear licorice so you have no choice. Making those combos is not a piece of cake with those six colors. Nor is clearing the blockers at the top. Apparently my concentration is insufficient to make those combos magically appear.

Anonymous said...

I got lucky and finished on my first try, only one star. Hardest part was getting the last three blockers in top corner and getting enough licorice. Had 3 on board all spread out and the 4h that I needed dropped. Only had one move left but had saved a Chocolate sprinkle beside a wrap. Swapping them got enough cascades to get all the licorice.

SharonH said...

Ok, had 10 moves left after collecting everything but the licorice and move after move, none came down anywhere! Is this another glitch in the system, because tired of these! A previous level in This section had you close to winning, but the game froze up towards the end and instead of winning, you lost and had to start over...Get these glitches fixed prior to posting please!

lala said...

I get that "no more shuffles possible". Whatever happened to continuous reshuffles>

Sage said...

Sage here. Sage here. Clicked on CC this morning remembering frustration licorice not falling and find a message regarding 1838. Having lost a lot of boosters I got happy thinking I was getting them back. I'm looking for them when I realize what I got was 10 gold bars. Well candy crushers you know - ten gold bars!? I'm just asking was that enough? I was thinking about sending a complaint. Now I think I will.

Anonymous said...

That was tough. It took a day to eventually pass. Several times I only needed a few licorice with around 15 moves left but none dropped despite clearing a path under the dispensers. The best I got to was still needing two or three when the game was over. On the final attempt I had got all the blockers and blues and needed just seven licorice with twenty moves left and only the seven I needed came onto the board and I got through with my last move.

Anonymous said...

Based on all comments about not ever having enough licorice, I initially only concentrated on removing all the top blockers to allow those extra licorice time to appear. Hardest are the two corners.

From then on checked every screen for combos and succeeded on making three freckles.

Play slowly, destroy time bombs ASAP. Very rewarding to get it finished.

Sandy Carter said...

HUGELY ripped off by King! I had everything except 1 licorice, so I kept using switch hands to get the last one to drop. 13 switch hands wasted! After I began using them, I was in so far I didn't want to it all to have been a waste. I finally had to give up. The last one just won't drop.

Anonymous said...

Help! Luck luck luck- where are you?

Carole Rodriguez said...

I can't believe this is not hard level
... waiting for lucky board. Spent days on this one... sigh!