Candy Crush Saga Level 1849

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1849 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1849 is a dual task level, you need to collect 4 cherries and 6 jellies in only 20 moves.
This is a fairly easy level as you are provided with fish which will do all the work for you.
Each fish will take out 3 jellies, but they also need to clear the blockers to allow the fruit to fall down.
The jellies under the fruit are double thickness, so they will need hitting twice.
All in all you need 4 of the 5 fish to clear everything, so avoid hitting too many fish at once. You don't want to hit more than 2 fish in one move as they will only hit each jelly once, since there are only 6 jellies any more than 2 fish will be a waste as the third will go for normal candies.
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Anonymous said...

Just use some extra fish boosters if you have them. That will finish this level quickly. Grace from DU

Anonymous said...

15 moves on Android compared to 20 on PC. Used a fish booster and finished with ten moves left.

Hank said...

The last two levels are too easy as well as the rest on this episode

Anonymous said...

Got the lucky board on my droid. 78620

Anonymous said...

Agree with above posts. Most of us probably have lots of fish, courtesy of Sugar Drops. So use one of them and achieve this episode with no pain or angst.

beret said...

Got it on the first try...over 3 million points. I had to actually stop playing or it would have kept going on and on and on