Candy Crush Saga Level 1872

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1872 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1872 is a dual task level, you need to collect one cherry and also clear the jelly.
Collecting the cherry shouldn't be too much of a problem, you have the three striped candies in place to remove the blockers which are holding the cherry in place. All you need to do is fire off the three stripes using either colour bombs or stripes and combos.
At the same time you should be clearing the blockers and jelly in the main part of the board. Once the cherry is released it will move through the teleport into the top part of the board and you can get it out of the exits which are on the left of the main board.
The cherry will drop into the far left column so this needs to be cleared before you can collect the cherry.
Video below
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CC from vero😎 said...

No comments?! I don't see this as quite the slam dunk that Ms. Cookie describes! 22 moves isn't a lot to get the upper left cleared AND line up your combos to hit those stripes. Any other thoughts out there?

Anonymous said...

22 moves on Android not 30 like PC. Luckily finished my first try. Made two Chocolate/stripe combos and two more Chocolates. Finished with two moves left.

Anonymous said...

Try the fish booster. did the trick for me

Anonymous said...

Be careful of using a stripe sprinkle combo before setting off the 3 stripes given. I did that and it turned the stripes the other way, leaving no way to get the last blocker.

Anonymous said...

Good tip. Thank you.

New England said...

ridiculous with 22 moves now. I used 3 boosters and a lollipop.