Candy Crush Saga Level 1903

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1903 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You only have 18 moves to clear the blockers on level 1903.
The start of level 1903 is very restricted and you need to work your way through the blockers to open up the board. Once you have a choice work close to the bottom of the board to create cascades which will clear blockers without wasting moves.
You should especially try to make cascades down the sides to hit the blockers in the side squares which are the hardest to clear.
With only 4 colours on the board cascades are common and are the only way you will beat this level without boosters.
Wrapped candies are best for creating cascades, as are colour bombs. This is a level where you can switch a colour bomb with a wrap and get great results. Passing level 1903 is not the biggest challenge, getting three stars is more of a challenge.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

One Android device has 18 moves for 90 blockers and two others have
30 moves for 90 blockers. So if you have more than one mobile device check them.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY a fun level !

cherylb said...

I'm having a heck is a time with this level....I've played atleast 50 times and still haven't passed ..grrrr

Anonymous said...

Took a while, but finally got a good board with lots of cascades and a few sprinkles forming by themselves. A fun but frustrating game. But no special skill needed. Keep at it - you'll get it eventually.

Cookie73 said...

I have 5 colors on my iPhone, not 4.
Also 30 moves for 90 blockers.
Not so easy.

Anonymous said...

They always make it look so easy in the video. But buggered if i can pass it. Over it :(

Anonymous said...

After several tries and not even coming close, I started with stripe/wrap and reset until the wrap would end up next to the color bomb after it is made. Was able to wait a couple of moves before combining the two when there were more candies the same
color as the wrap on the board. This got me off to a good start and I won with moves to spare and 3 stars to boot. JS

Never pay a cent Bobby said...

My iPad and IMac have 5 colors, 90 blockers, 30 moves. Start up is different than video to get you one sprinkle, but it doesn't do you much good. If you reset to start with a sprinkle next to center, you still don't get two sprinkles side by side for second move because the original one will fall through to another layer. Save the booster. I'm still working on this, day 1.

Pat Stevenson said...

The game shows me having 1 star. The 2nd star requires 45,000 points. I have 236,000. Why is it not giving the additional stars.

Anonymous said...

And again cc does iT again! Seems they have enough player, but i dont think So!!!!! They only lose players again and again. Look at the comments. I thought iT was now the year of 2017, not 2016!

Anonymous said...

The only players who get this level in one or two times are the trolls of cc. For me is iT time to give up. Boring boring.