Candy Crush Saga Level 1905

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1905 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
All you have to do to complete level 1905 is clear all the blockers! Simple. 
The licorice, popcorn and cream blockers that you need for the orders are all on the board at the start of the level so just need to be collected.
The big problem is that you have to do it all in only 15 moves.
The best thing to do at the start is to try to make a wrapped candy in the middle that you can use to grow the popcorn and with luck it will also clear some of the blockers.
Stripes will also do the job of growing the popcorn but will take up more of your precious moves to do it. 
The colour bomb from the popcorn can be used to collect some keys, which in turn will allow the licorice to drop down into the playing area to be collected.
If you are having trouble completing level 1905 a stripe and wrap booster is very good. Because the playing area is very small there is a good chance that the wrapped candy will be close enough to the popcorn to hit it twice and save you a lot of moves.
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Anonymous said...

Wel, this is a serious tough level which took me 20/25 attempts. The problem for me were the licorice, and I must admit I used 2 lolly's to finish this difficult level.

Beside of that, I just finished the entire episode and was actualy looking for tips for 1910, which is again a horrible time level that also took me ± 20 attempts. Colour boms are the hint in time levels.

Good luck from the Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Simple?? Really?? This level should be labeled as HARD, I've not come close at all. A few times I was able to clear the popcorn maybe by the last or 2nd to last move, but didn't get the licorice.

Unknown said...

If you have any boosters, reset until sprinkle bomb is next to a wrapped candy. Make sure there at least 5-6 candies in the same colour as the wrapped candy, and make sure there is at least one or two next to the popcorn. The explosions pretty much took out all the keys, licorice and blockers.

Connie said...

Used a stripe.sprinkle with wrap next to popcorn and the board cleared except for a few licorice, 5 moves left.

Linda said...

Started with a wrap / stripe combo and kept after the popcorn. Board turned lucky & I got it first try whew. Linda

Anonymous said...

I guess I got lucky, first try, no boosters, 3 stars. Got a wrap then a second one right by the popcorn, then a stripe to explode it. Followed Cookie's tip and used the sprinkle to get 3 keys. Only needed to collect the licorice, which I did with stripes or bringing it down to the main board.

No one important said...

Just got here ...feel like Molly Hatchet...out of boosters....guess I'll go earn them ...sometime later....yawn

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd got this after a few goes when I matched a wrapped with a sprinkle and the popcorn opened but I couldn't get the last three licorice. If I got the popcorn I didn't get the licorice and if I got the licorice I couldn't get the popcorn. Eventually I used sprinkle and a striped/wrapped boosters and was lucky enough to get the sprinkle next to the wrapped. This took care of the popcorn and the keys and all I had to get were the remaining licorice. Done with 5 moves to go and over 100k and three stars.

Suzie O said...

Wow, I just made a remarkable discovery!! I used the check/tick booster and it was on the conveyer belt. I used the sprinkle booster with a candy the same color as the check and it turned into a popcorn BUT it instantly showed the popcorn as completed!! This was great as I was having such a hard time opening the popcorn and this way I didn't have to hit it at all. So if you have a check booster on the belt and it turns into popcorn, not only do you get a free sprinkle from it but your popcorn requirement is met also.

Anonymous said...

Beware, I just tried the check 2 games. All it did was make another POPCORN! Jane e

Anonymous said...

Note to comment of March 25, above: The check (or tick) booster in this game immediately turns into a choco ball (or sprinkle) only when it is activated while on the conveyor belt. Elsewhere on the playing field, it can turn into a popcorn or a simple cream.

I used it in two successive rounds. In one, it showed up midfield in the center and was such a point of blockage that I lost. In the next, it showed up on a conveyor belt, I matched it with like color, and it turned into a choco ball, so that order was immediately met. Won.

Anonymous said...

If only we had it easy like the video player. Wrapped candies appearing from nowhere and positioned perfectly. At best my game allows limited moves and some are useless.