Candy Crush Saga Level 1989 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1989 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You simply need to collect 20 chocolates in 25 moves.
Since there are already 12 chocolates on the board you just need to allow it to grow 8 more by not clearing any chocolate for that number of moves at some stage during the game.
This is a fairly easy level as long as you keep your eye on the number of moves you have left and the amount of chocolate you need, it's easy to run out of moves if you are trying to get a good score.
The only thing you need to watch out for is the chocolate blocking off the top of the board, if you let that happen you may fail as no more candies can fall.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Three plus years of playing, first time do I see a level with no comments. Having just played it, I see why.

Anonymous said...

It is so important to listen to the tips. I was eager when I first began and knocked off chocolates as they came. Failure. Then I decided to follow directions, ignored the chocolates and accumulated stripes and a color bomb. When I saw 8 chocolates released, I set off the bomb and boom, it was so easy after that.

Anonymous said...

Only 20 moves on iPad so not so easy!

KiKi said...

same on pc...20 moves to get 20 chocolate
havent ckd android yet
first game i played i had 1 left-since then
the closest i've gotten has been 3...
keep trying til i beat it... :/

Suzie O said...

check/tick booster makes it easy... first try and 4 moves left.

Anonymous said...

First time for a long while that I have completed a level at the first attempt with moves to spare and hardly having to think. Let the chocolate grow and build up stripes and wraps. I did pick some chocolate off during these moves but a wrap and stripe combo hoovered up the balance required.

Denise said...

Piece of cake!

Anonymous said...

hi candy crush makers have i come to the end of my games level 1999 im just not able to do it soso hard could you please please help me xxx