Candy Crush Saga Level 2173 Cookies tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2173 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 25 moves to collect 12 licorice and 35 cream blockers.
The cream blockers are all on the board but there are only 6 licorice, so you will need to unlock the magic mixer at the top and it will spawn more licorice.
Once the mixer is unlocked it will drop 2 pieces of licorice every three moves, so you need to unlock it with at least 10 moves left if you are to have any chance of collecting enough licorice.
The first thing to do therefore is to clear as many blockers as you can, this will release the existing licorice onto the board where you can collect it easily, then make your stripes or combo to unlock the mixer and continue clearing.
This is not a hard level as long as you manage to unlock the mixer in time to get all your licorice.
Video below
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Krusher said...

The double wrap combo has been my friend today. Once the spawner was unlocked and started producing I got my double wrap and basically got all my order in one beautiful explosion!

Rick said...

The biggest problem here is to clear the 5-layered cream blockers on both sides of the staircase holding the licorice back. With 20 moves (not 25 on the video) on my Android, i started with a CB and S/W booster and reset until the CB and wrapped are together and there were some candies of the same color near those 2 blockers. Wraps near that blocker removed at least 2 layers right away. I have to hammer the Evil Dispenser to activate it right away. A check candy will give you some licorice. I finished with 1 move to spare.

Anonymous said...

First look at this level thought I'd be here for quite awhile. But, ended up being a fun level. Very easy to make stripes and wraps. First try, no boosters, three stars.

Kat said...

If cookie had to use a hammer- what does that say about the rear of us?'

Anonymous said...

Ty! U were spot on! Finished with 6 moves left! 1st attempt!

Anonymous said...

A bit of fun after the last nightmare level.

Anonymous said...

Rick great advice. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Posting in hope of a lucky board