Candy Crush Saga level 2177 Cookies tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2177 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You need to score 200,000 points in 30 moves.
To get the score needed you will have to unlock the candies in the top part of the board to release the bombs.
Unfortunately, once you release the bombs you have to clear them before they count down, so they are a double edged sword! 
If you clear the cake bombs quickly they will unlock all the candies in the top part of the board so you can start making matches there to get the bombs dropping and build up your score.
If you manage to unlock the top candies before the cake bombs the cakes will clear any bombs and give you a good score.
If you have a move that will clear a cake, save it until you have bombs ready to explode and you can then use the cake to clear any bombs that are about to explode.
Colourbombs are the best specials to use for fantastic scores if you can manage to make them, although I passed the level without any. Use a colourbomb on any colour that has the most bombs.
Using a colourbomb on a wrap or stripe will not help your score much but will destroy loads of bombs if they are in danger of exploding.
Video below
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Rick said...

Cookies' tips are right on. I was able to create 2 color bombs and scored over 1,200,000 points.

Martha said...

Got both cakes down to one sliver left. Used 2 hammers to finish them off. When the top filled back up with timed bombs, I was down to one move when the remaining bombs were down to 2 before exploding. So the timing worked perfectly. The timing, of course, was just luck. 2 stars.

Anonymous said...

Don't clear the last cake bomb until you have fewer than 10 moves left. That way, the released time bombs won't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Cookie's tip are right on as always:)
Mine wasn't as pretty as video's but got it done without using any boosters. No big scores unlike above posters, but happy to move on. Thank you!
iPhone/no booster/1 star

Shanise Cobb said...
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Anonymous said...

Third attempt 800k. Would have passed the second time except for a one count bomb with two moves left. Made a sprinkle at the start which opened some of the locked candies, then a strip/wrap and another sprinkle. Cleared one cake bomb but left the other with a stripe ready to clear the last segment and worked at the top until I had nine moves left and I was safe from the bombs.

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tips fellow crushers. Leaving a sliver on the cake and using a hammer when down to 10 moves was the solution. Thank you. Indy

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck and hoping for a good board

Joy Cole said...

I can get the score but can't finish my moves before the bombs explode 😝

Anonymous said...

The bombs are exploding faster than I can kill them off. Out of boosters not so using a hammer is out of the question. I hope a lucky board comes my way soon.