Candy Crush Saga Level 2218 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2218 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Clear the jelly in 27 moves to complete level 2218 Candy Crush Saga.
To begin with you will have little choice of moves and may get lots of shuffles, the shuffles are often helpful.
Try to make moves as low on the board as possible if you can, this will create mini cascades and with luck unlock more moves. If working near the bottom is not possible then try to make every move count by either unlocking more candies or creating a special candy.
Once the board is opened up it will be much easier to make special candies and combos as there are only 4 colours on the board.
This can be either a hugely frustrating level if you can't get started, or great fun if you get a good start.
Video below
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Rick said...

Another easy level. Passed it on the 1st attempt no boosters. No wonder, nobody is commenting.

Anonymous said...

Easy and fun level - got it on 2nd try w/no boosters and 3 stars. Nice to have a couple of easy ones in a row to rest your brain and calm your nerves!! Can't wait to see what's lurking tho. I've discovered one thing about Candy will eventually pass a level no matter how difficult it may seem. That's what keeps me going and I have never spent a penny buying boosters!

Addicted said...

Another first attempt, I'm loving this helmet.... but I'm gonna run out of levels at this rate. CB with wrap initially blasted the majority and CB with same colour as isolated candy finished it off.

Victoria said...

At least 10 attempts for me. Do not waste fish booster, it does not help.

Anonymous said...

Super easy on PC- passed on the first attempt with no boosters. on iPhone there are more colors, more blockers, and fewer moves- played about 20 rounds on iPhone and wasted a bunch of fish and color bombs to no avail.

Ria Verhagen said...

Hoe kan het dat jullie een andere heb als ik ,ik moet onder de noot eerst 3 room weg spelen , is haast niet te doen , waarom heb ik niet de zelfde als jullie

liloldlady said...

Resetted board until getting a good board and passed on the first try