Candy Crush Saga Level 2372 All help tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2372 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 25 moves to collect 100 each of blue, orange and purple candies to complete level 2371.
First unlock some of the locked candies, look carefully to see which moves will unlock the most using the least moves as you can't spare too many on this task.
Once the board is more open try to work close to the bottom to create cascades, this is the only way you will have any chance of collecting all the candies you need. Matches of three just won't be enough.
Look for colourbombs and wraps especially as these will give you the cascades needed, you don't need to switch them together as just using a colourbomb or wrap on it's own will usually get the cascades going.
Look carefully at the board before every move and play carefully and you shouldn't lose too many lives on this level.
Video below
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Suzie O said...

Fun and easy. Reminded me of the earlier games that could be won first try.

Debi Davis said...

Really fun level. Thank you to the powers that be. Hope for more like this.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this level gives free color bomb, stripe/wrap when you win a game, so using all of that made this easy and fun. Thank you, King!

Anonymous said...

Started with the magic helmet sprinkle. Made it easy, like a lot of the lower levels.

Anonymous said...

Take Cookie's advice and enjoy an old fashioned game of CC, free of the need for boosters. Indy

Anne Gavin said...

I think this may have been my2371? It played all by itself, no move made by me. Top spot on my list

Anonymous said...

This level was easier than my girlfriend after she gets a couple of drinks in her.