How to scroll down to lower level in Candy Crush Saga.

If you like to play lower levels of Candy Crush Saga for sugar drops, or to get more stars etc. You may not know that there is a quick way of getting to the lower levels.
This only works on PC and laptops, it may not work on mobiles.
At the bottom right of the game there is a blue button (see image)

Click or tap on this button and you will see a slider with the episode you are currently playing.
You can slide the square up and down to find a level you want on your current episode, or you can click on the pink triangle at the bottom to take you to the previous episode.
Keep clicking on the pink triangle until you get to the level you want to play.
To get back to the level you are playing simply click on the pink house and it will take you straight back.
Below is a video showing how it all works.
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anonymous said...

Takes forever, especially if you're at a high level. There should be an easier way like clicking on a level in a side bar.

Chris T Papaleonardos said...

That blue button is no longer there on my pc. So now the only way is to manually scroll through hundreds and hundreds of levels. What was the point of that change?

Een vrouw said...

No blue button here....

Pamela said...

They took the button off and now it takes forever to move to lower levels. there must be a work around.

Mariellen Jordan said...

I have no blue button either 👀. If anyone finds another way please post it. Thanks