Candy Crush Saga Level 2614 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2614 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 28 moves to collect the one cherry and complete level 2614 Candy Crush Saga.
I found the easiest way to clear level 2614 was to make a colourbomb and use it to unlock the candy which is sitting under the cherry. This will allow the chocolate to grow over the candy. This will make it much easier to collect the cherry later.
Next uncover the frog and grow it by either matching it or using a second colourbomb.
Once the frog is full size you can use it to collect the cherry by placing it on the chocolate to one side so that it doesn't block the exit.
Job done!
Video below

On the new format and possibly on mobiles too you can't place the frog on the chocolate so you need to clear the chocolate first using s stripe/wrap combo placed low on the board, or another combo that clears the chocolate so that you have a candy to place the frog on.
Alternatively don't unlock the locked candy until you have grown the frog, and while you are growing the frog try to make a colourbomb and save it.
Use the frog to unlock the chocolate and the colourbomb to collect the cherry.

Here is the alternative video by Johnny Crush


Anonymous said...

It doesn't allow me to place the frog on the chocolate.

Anonymous said...

You have to get a stripe/wrap first that is low enough to unlock the center. Then use the frog on either side.

Anonymous said...

If you are lucky enough to have Magic or Space Dash chocolate sprinkle combo. First move, three stars.

Anonymous said...

You cannot place frog on chocolate

Lucia said...

Right, you can't put the frog on the chocolate. So it took forever for me to get a board where I could use the frog, and it's useless.

Never had a helmet said...

3 stars, 3rd try, no boosters.
A chocolate candy landed next to a wrap and blew everything up.

Purple Panda said...

I managed to make a sprinkle, saved it until the frog grew, then used the sprinkle to unlock the candy then the frog to clear the fruit.

Een vrouw said...

This is it. I quit now.
I tried to do it as explained at first but then I found out, after many, many efforts, that the frog does not work on the chocolate (I am playing the game on laptop). I don't feel like starting all over again, now trying to get the right combi at the bottom, I've had enough. I got this far and I am more than fed up. Good luck to everyone!

Frances Mendenhall said...

Posting for luck. I can see I will need it.

Frances Mendenhall said...

So this time I got adjacent colorbombs which stripped off the chocolate below the cherry. And there wàs a wrapped candy below the dispenser by the cherry. So with my next colorbomb I blew that up. But I can't tell you how I got the colorbombs. They just seemed to fall from the sky.

Anonymous said...

One color bomb to undo the licorce, two hammers, done! I don't have the patience for these no fun, unskilled levels.

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