Candy Crush Saga Level 2664 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2664 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This is a simple jelly level with some licorice thrown in to give it a level of difficulty.
If you clear some licorice with each move no more will appear so you can keep it under control most of the time.
Be careful of the countdown bombs, clear them when you get a chance or they will kill the game.
The frog can be filled up using a colourbomb and once it is full it is usually best to save it for the most difficult jellies. If you have plenty of time to fill it for a second time then you can use it, but I found it better to save it for the last few jellies, or even the one at the top that can be hard to clear.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Posting for luck

Anonymous said...

Started with a color bomb and matched to frog color. Once frog is grown, move him to the very top to prevent any bombs from dropping. Then clear away! Good luck everyone! Zee

Diane Lautz said...

Thank you Zee. Plugging up the bomb portal with the frog was brilliant and worked perfectly. I had earned color bump from magic helmet race, used to make frog grow full, plugged bob portal with frog, and earned 3 stars.

Anonymous said...

Zee - your frog growing tip was inspired. Thank you. Indy.