Morts Helmets/ Magic Dash

The Magic Dash is a challenge that is available on the new HTML5 version and mobiles. where you can win boosters for passing levels without losing a life.  The boosters can't be saved with your stash, they will be there to use on the next level you play.
When you win the first helmet, the next level will begin with a colourbomb.
The second helmet will give you a stripe/wrap  and a colourbomb.
The third helmet will give you a stripe/wrap, colourbomb and three extra moves.
The best way to get the helmets is to choose an easy level and play it several times until you get the third helmet, then play a hard level that you are stuck on and you will have all the boosters to help.
If you fail the level any time while you are trying to win the helmets you will have to start again, so be sure to choose a level you know you can win every time.
This challenge is not available constantly, it will come and go so if you have it you should take advantage while it is there.


AZBLUE said...

Now tgey have the spaceship and daily calender boosts,but I have lost both of them. I have e mailed them twice, but no response. Any suggestions

Anonymous said...

Warum bekomme ich kein Magic Dash mehr????!!!! Seit 3 Wochen GARNIX!!!! :(:(:(

Lynn K said...

I, too, no longer get helmet or stripe challenges on iPad. I get them on desktop.

Aarti said...
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Aarti said...

II to am not able to get any magic helmets anymore. King, kindly help