Candy Crush Saga Level 2681 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2681 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 4 chocolates and 10 yellow candies to complete level 2681.
There are already 4 chocolates on the board and if you get the chance to collect any you should so that you are less likely to get chocolate from the lucky candies.
First collect the keys to unlock the lucky candies, and at the same time clear the blocker on the left that is stopping the lucky candies from dropping onto the board.
Avoid hitting the lucky candies as they are dropping from the top right until you have all the chocolates, if they change into chocolate they will block the way for the other lucky candies to drop.
If you can hit the lucky candies while they are on the conveyor they won't be able to block it, they can change to chocolate but will be collected straight away as chocolate cannot survive on a conveyor.
Once you have all the chocolate you'll only get yellows so it is safe to hit them anywhere with combos or a colourbomb.
The biggest problem with this level is the shortage of moves so even if you manage to get the lucky candies moving onto the board it isn't always easy to collect the yellows. Every move counts.
Video below
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Rick said...

As Cookie says, first collect the keys to unlock the lucky candies, and at the same time clear the blocker on the upper right hand corner that is blocking the lucky candies which will turn into chocolate or yellow candies, from dropping onto the board. If your first move is a match on the upper row touching the 5-layer blocker, that will remove one layer of it and cause a key to fall right away. After clearing the 1st key, make a match anywhere under the key dispensers for the 2nd key to fall. The keys fall only one a time, like every other move if can match it right away. It’s better if the matches touch also the blocker to clear some more layers. The lucky candies take 4 moves to drop onto the main playing area giving you some time to clear the blocker.

Never Pay a Cent Bobby said...

If you do get a chocolate blocking the entrance, a speckle ball of adjacent color will remove it or hammer it. A hammer on a checked ball next to two yellow will give you the 3rd needed to clear if you are short of moves.

Randall Branham said...

Posting for luck, having a hard time getting the yellow

SharonH said...

I am finding this easy level, NOT so easy! Why is this? I can breeze through the hard or very hard levels and it's the easy ones that make me want to quit...Posting for luck!

Anonymous said...

Not coming close to getting enough yellow.

Anonymous said...


Kevin said...

Grrrrr, back to dumb luck again!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't get enough yellows even with a checkmark booster, posting for luck with this obnoxious level.

nicky wils said...