Candy Crush Saga Level 3014 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3014 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 4 cherries to complete level 3014 and you only have 22 moves to do it.
First you need to clear the spawner from the middle of the board, it isn't the only way that the cherries can be collected, but it is the easiest and also if you don't clear it, it will keep locking up the candies and stopping you making moves.
As you are clearing the spawner you should also be clearing the blockers at the bottom of the board so that once the cherries are free you will be able to collect them.
The cherries can also be dropped down the sides if the blockers there get cleared, but you can't rely on this happening so best to concentrate on clearing the spawner using stripes and stripe/wrap combos. Better still is a colourbomb combo as this might hit the spawner more than once.
The cherries need to be dropped onto the lower conveyor in the top section, or moved over to the middle so that you can drop them down to the exits.
The video below has more moves but I think this is possible without boosters with a bit of luck.
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Rick said...

No blog yet for 3020. This episode is OK, no timed level. I almost able to complete it all on the first go with 3 stars except 3010 and 3018 (1 star). I think the hardest level is 3017 to get 100 chocolates. Although I finished it on the first try, I have to buy extra moves to complete it.
Till next Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Wow the blog not done on 3019 and wanted to see what about before I opened it

Anonymous said...

Ok I always look for your advice Rick and Sharon and Carol the elder
I am the old cat lady Judy
I didn't find the chocolate one bad Rick but I got to start with the stocking full of boosters and you know how you get that board that just keeps going....I started with two cb together
Anyway just finished until next week and really happy no timed levels.
Only had to use one hammer this week

carlton said...

Agree with the cat lady the 100 cocolates level almost played itself. Was finally able to complete all levels in one try with the help of the holiday space dash and thanks to no time levels
..hey where is the, rest of the, blog

Gil said...

Second episode in a row, ALL 15 LEVELS ON FIRST TRY WITH 3 STARS!

For those who still think I'm a big fat liar, here is my screenshot for one last time:

Good Luck from the Land of Milk and hobey.

Carol the elder said...

For 3014, I added the CB and the stripe/wrap booster to the space dash. That gave a lot of options and I followed Cookie's advice and was able to get the ingredients down the middle. I had to use a lot of hammers to kill the spawner since none the early matches did much to kill it. I hate those things!

Gil said...

One more thing, for those of you, who think that I am buying and using tons of boosters, I can't prove it (unless King will confirm…), but, here is my word (and I proved with the screenshot that it worth something):

I'm cheap, I will never spend a dime on these kind of games.


bookboss said...

Passed 3014 with sprinkle wrap at the start which destroyed the spawned 1st go then got all the fruit dropped and lined up in the middle, then a stripe dropped them all.

Bear with me said...

I was not as fortunate as Gil, I got them all first try ( but I needed extra moves for one level) but I definitely didn’t get all with three stars. I didn’t find this episode too bad. I thought Cookie was using a PC and I thought the PC was 2 episodes ahead of mobile users (whether tablets or phones), but couldn’t find her tips past 3016 yesterday. Also very few comments. I really appreciate the tips and tricks everyone provides and in fact I was going to leave a comment on one of the levels, but there weren’t any at the time yesterday and so for some reason I couldn’t post one myself. Anyway, see everyone ne t week.

Dieter Heinz said...

First go with CB/wrap combo

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck

Anonymous said...

This is unreal. This is a dual-task level of having to bring down ingredients and get a target score, which is dumb in itself because every level requires a minimum score. But since it's a dual level it offers you fish for a booster even though there's no jelly and not a coconut wheel. They need to go back to offering the coconut wheel on every ingredient level regardless of what else you have to do.

And my tip is, forget trying to blast the magic mixer. Knock out the frosting in the top corners and the ingredients will slip out down there. Much easier.

Anonymous said...

I dont get this one... tried a thousand times, Please give me a lucky board

Anonymous said...

Yet another bullshit scam level!!!!!!!

katericia said...

Publicar para la suerte

Roger from Ohio said...

For those of you impressed on getting all levels of an episode on the first try.... well here is how it is done.

When you are almost out of moves and see you will not finish... just close the tab of the browser and start over... it wont count as a turn and when you finish it will be the "first try"

Just do that for all the levels and you will get a gold star.

Easy Peasy

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Easy Peasy???? Not for me. I even had the space ship and still can't pass it. I need a lucky board.

Anna Marie DeLeo said...

Posting for luck