Candy Crush Saga Level 1374 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1374 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
This is the first hard level in this episode.
First you need to clear the blockers down the middle using stripes and stripe/wrap combos, once that is done you'll probably have both ingredients together in the middle column.
Using a colour bomb and some nifty switching, get 2 candies of the same colour sitting on top of the fruit, doesn't matter what colour.
The first ingredient has to be switched out so you have to somehow get 2 candies of the same colour one side, and one the other so the ingredient can be switched.
The second ingredient is easier if you have managed to keep the 2 candies of the same colour above it, you just need another candy to come around the conveyor to match up and switch the fruit out.
Then simply allow the ingredients to travel around the conveyor to the exits.
You can also use free switch hands to move the ingredients over if nothing goes to plan.
I managed to complete level 1374 using only one hand.

Video below without boosters by Skillgaming

More tips by Allina
This is a pretty tough level.  You have to get the ingredients all the way down the center column, through the multi layered blockers,  to the bottom then switched onto the conveyors.  Concentrate on vertical stripes and stripe/wrap combos in the center of the top board to get through the blockers.  
Every now and then the conveyor belts will line up a move to help remove a layer off the last blocker and also horizontal stripes that  can be moved around to hit some of those middle layers of cream on those blockers.  
When you do get the ingredients down to the bottom,  you have to wait for the perfect line up of candies to move the ingredient onto the conveyors.  It is easier to move the ingredients onto the belt if you can get two candies of the same color right above the ingredient, but that is only possible if you get the ingredients down one at a time which is how I ultimately passed.  
If you have some hand switches it is just as easy to use them to get the ingredients onto the belt.  Hopefully by this point you have enough moves left to let the ingredients circle around the final bend and through the exits.  As the ingredients circle through try to get a chocolate bomb ready to zap the one color blocking the exit or set up a stripe/wrap combo to get the cherries through.  Good luck !!

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Anonymous said...

"This is the first hard level in this episode."

Then I don't want to know what you consider difficult.
This level is complete and utter garbage.

Rivals said...

I’ve been on this level for a month now. When I have a wrapped candy and I am about to get a stripped one close to it, one of these immediately explodes on its own eliminating any chance to clear the the center column. All is programmed to force users purchase boosters. No, i haven’t so far and I I won’t give a penny to the developers.

Richard Dobeson said...

In this video "SEEMS" easy, but I never have that "magic" combinations at the bottom row to get the ingredients on the conveyors

Unknown said...

This level sucks a bag of dicks.

Unknown said...

Yes I am Finding this level very hard but will persevere but it is very frustrating not the best game I have played