Candy Crush Saga Level 3240 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3240 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Collect three ingredients in 20 moves to complete level 3240 Candy Crush Saga.
The ingredients drop down the side column and into the main part of the board through the portal at the top of the middle column, so there is no need to make moves under the ingredients, just in the middle of the board.
Clear the blockers in the main part of the board and you will see the ingredients dropping as you play, try to clear the bottom row of blockers before the ingredients get there to collect them easier.
The final ingredient will drop when you have collected one of the others, and it will follow the same route to the exits.
Try not to let the ingredients get stuck on the conveyor or they will be harder to collect, especially if the moves are reduced at a later date.
Video below by Skillgaming
Original video below
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Anonymous said...

I must have got the luckiest board possible. I had lost my 1-hour CB, so I was left with the full space dash (CB, wrap, stripe + 3 moves). I added a coconut wheel to that, and used the wrap stripe combo to blast part of the center blockers. Then I used the coconut wheel to blast yet more blockers, and then got lucky and always seemed to have matches of 3 which allowed me to drop the ingredients down, past the conveyor into the lower part of the board. With 19 moves left, another CB formed on the conveyor, one away from my original CB which I hadn't used yet, and next move the conveyor moved it under my CB; matched the 2 and game over, first try.

Anonymous said...

BTW has anyone else noticed that when you start with a booster like fish or coconut wheel, the game doesn't give you extras like in the earlier games? It's rare that I get another one dropping down, even with good, long cascades.

Dieter Heinz said...

Start with CB/wrap combo helped me a lot. First attempt and 10 moves left

Bear with me said...

RA - just a side note: Not sure what platform you are playing on but what you are describing is Morts Magic Helmet (cb, wrap/stripe +3 extra moves). The full space dash is 2 cbs, 2 stripe/wraps and +3 moves. The helmet usually shows up on Fridays and Space Dash shows up on Monday (or Tuesday) in time to be used with the latest episode release on Wednesday’s. You have to complete a level 7 times in a row to have a complete Space Dash..

TNC said...

Got it without space dash or helmet, used coconut wheel and got two of them, finished on last move.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone yet discovered a quick method of getting down to the lower part of the board when collecting boosters. I think I am getting Repetitive strain injury from scrolling down so much !!!

Ellie said...

MW If you know you are going to lose a level. Close your device before game ends. Then when you reopen it you still have your helmet boosters. Then it is unnecessary to scroll down

Ellie said...

Combining 2 CB to start didn’t work! So I added a coconut wheel then used it to clear bottom row. I combined wrap and stripe every chance I had and won with 12 moves left

Anonymous said...

So annoyed! Just passed this level first try. Even got the gold symbol but then it did not move me to the next level so has not registered that I passed! Has this happened to anyone else? SC

Anonymous said...

Ps Re last comment, I meant to add that I lost my space helmet in the process!!! Fuming!

Unknown said...

Posting for luck