Candy Crush Sandy Cane

New feature in Candy Crush Saga The Candy Cane
From level 3246 the Candy Cane in introduced. It looks fairly innocent but can cause a headache if you don't understand how it works.
The best way to look at it is as a "fence" which can't be crossed by normal matches or by ingredients. It doesn't move so you have to go around it or through it.
To get through the candy cane you need special candies or combos, you can't make matches across it. 
In the image below you can see that, although the purple candies should match and disappear, they are not matching because the candy cane is between two of the candies.
Also in the image you can see that the ingredients cannot pass through the candy cane, they have to go down the empty columns on each side.
The blast from a stripe or a stripe/wrap combo will pass through the candy cane and clear the candies from underneath but the ingredients won't pass through.

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