Candy Crush Saga Level 3343 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3343 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect yellow, red and purple candies to complete level 3343 Candy Crush Saga.
The candies you need are provided by the lucky candies which drop from the dispensers at the top of the board. It is fairly easy to match the lucky candies, but this won't give you enough of the colours you need with so few moves. To get the orders you will need to make some special candies, especially wrapped candies and colourbombs. These will collect more than the two or three you will get from simply switching the candies.
The board may shuffle a lot once you start to get the different colours on the board, but this is usually to your advantage so you shouldn't try to avoid it.
Video below
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Anonymous said...

Another one that was confusing first game, lost my CB space dash that I got from passing previous level and game ended with me needing one more purple but 2nd go, I kinda let the game play itself and just watched for chances to make good matches, didn't worry about the licorice too much and watched how many of each color I still neeed so I didn't make unneccesary moves.

Emsa8 said...

RA, each time I read your comments, I almost feel envious... As I assume you get the first setting (the one of the video with 17 moves) and I always get the harder version some days later (now 13 moves). Each time I try this level, only some few candies are missing - but no chance with 4 moves less than you :(

Anonymous said...

CC is just getting tougher and tougher
Will wait for a lucky board.

Anonymous said...

Impossible in so few moves fix this please!

Dave said...

Start with a CB / wrap combo (no other boosters needed) and you should be able to do it in the requisite moves.

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck. UGH!

Anonymous said...

Tried what Dave said and passed next try with one move to spare. WHEW!!!

Julie Bramhall said...

Tried Dave's trick but not been lucky yet. Can't seem to get the matches for any cascades and so too few moves to be successful. Waiting for the lucky board.