Candy Crush Saga Level 3470 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 3470 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect four ingredients to complete level 3470 Candy Crush Saga.
Don't worry about clearing the blockers along the bottom of the board, the spawners will clear them when they spawn licorice. All you have to worry about is clearing the blockers beside the two conveyors where the ingredients need to drop down so you will be able to get them off the conveyors and down to the exits.
If you work near the bottom of the board you should get the blockers cleared for you by the cascades and at the same time you can work on destroying the spawners, one thing leads to the other.
It is not hard to collect the ingredients, just make sure you have a move ready to drop them off the conveyor when they get to the end, if you don't drop them off the end they will go back to the beginning and you'll have to wait for them to move back around again.
There are only 4 colours on the board so it is easy to make special candies and combos to clear the blockers and destroy the spawners. You don't have to destroy the spawners to collect the ingredients, they don't block all the exits and if your ingredients are on one side you don't need to clear the spawners on the opposite side. But it is much easier to make the combos once the spawners are out of the way. Remember the task is to collect ingredients, not clear the board.
The moves may be reduced in the future but the video below was completed in 21 moves so hopefully will still be relevant.
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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Anonymous said...

Completed 1st episode

Two episodes this week
continue to the next one


Anonymous said...

The last few levels were actually fun for a change - this one is nothing but frustrating. Please send me a lucky board!!!!

Anonymous said...

Struggling with this level. Used double chocolate sprinkles and no success. Posting for luck.

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck.

Anonymous said...

How is this one considered fun? Need a lucky board, please.

Veronica said...

Could be fun with a lucky board. Always seem stuck on last ingredient. A few more moves would help as also coconut wheel. That's if i don't run out of them!

Bev said...

lately I have been having such bad luck.. these bombs get me every time. cant see any way to get past this .. please posting for luck

Anonymous said...

Posting for luck

christina smith said...

Not labeled difficult money hungry king of shit